Washing A Car

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Before we start, let's first know the basic things needed in washing a car.
  • Clean Water
  • Car Shampoo
  • Car Sponge or Microfiber Mitt
  • Chamois or Microfiber Towel
  • Tire Gel

  • Clean Water
    You always need to make sure that the water you will use is clean and free from any elements that can harm the body of your car. If you want to conserve water, you can use bucket and pale. Others tend to use garden hose while others even use pressure washer for deeper cleaning.

    Car Shampoo
    Make sure you only use car shampoo in washing your car. Don't use dishwashing soaps or detergents, since these contain chemicals that are not good for your car. These products also remove the car's wax and some can also damage the paint in long term use. Car shampoos are available in shops and even online.

    Car Sponge or Microfiber Mitt
    Use high-quality car sponge only, since this will be your friend in cleaning the surface of your car. Modern-day detailers recommend using microfiber mitt because car sponge tends to pick harmful particles on your car which can scratch your paint while you wipe.

    Chamois or Microfiber Towel
    Want a super absorbent towel for drying your car? Chamois is the answer. Aside from being absorbent, it's also soft and easy to clean after use. It's easy to store because it comes with a handy storage. Chamois is also often used on boats and sometimes on appliances. Another option you can use is a Microfiber Towel. It's good in drying your car too. Unlike ordinary towels, it soaks up a surprising amount of liquid due to finely woven construction. It's machine washable so it's easy to maintain.

    Tire Gel
    Want to make your car's shoes shine like brand new? You should consider using tire gel. This gives a shiny black color to your tires. It also helps to protect the tires from early deterioration. Just wipe it on your tires using a cloth or a sponge. Make sure your tires are already dry before applying it. Please also see tire dressing.

    Now that we know the basic, let's start washing.

    1. Park Your Car Out Of Direct Sunlight
    Always wash your car out of direct sunlight. This will prevent it from drying instantly, which may leave water marks on the surface. It's advisable to wash the car early in the morning or late in the afternoon.

    2. Prepare A Bucket Of Water / Pressure Washer
    Your bucket should be filled with clean water. Secure another bucket of water and put a car shampoo in it. For those who use a pressure washer, you can prepare a bucket of water too. Modern-day pressure washers can pump water directly from the bucket.

    3. Start Washing The Car
    Make sure your entire car is wet. Wash the wheels first, since it's commonly the dirtiest part. You can use either a wheel brush or an ordinary household brush in doing this. After washing the wheels, put car shampoo on the surface of the car then wipe each panel gently using a car sponge or microfiber mitt. Start from the top down to the bottom. Rinse the car well.

    4. Dry Your Car
    Use chamois or microfiber towel on drying the car. Again, start from the top down to the bottom. Wash the chamois or microfiber towel with clean water after drying each panel of the car.

    5. Put Tire Gel
    When the whole car is already dry, apply tire gel on the wheels to make it look black and shiny. You can use an ordinary cloth or a sponge to apply it.

    6. Wax Your Car
    Waxing your car after washing it is not always necessary. But, you should consider waxing your car at least every three months. This will protect your car from sun's harmful ultraviolet rays. There are varieties of wax in the shops to choose from.

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