How Often Should I Change My Oil?

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While gas is said to be the food of the car, oil is considered as the blood of the car. Like blood that goes through our whole body to circulate air, oil goes through all the metal parts of the vehicle to keep it running in good condition. You can't just drive your car without it, since it's too risky and will lead to a great damage on you car's engine and to its other parts. As mentioned a while ago, car's engine is made up of metals, therefore these metals tend to produce heat when the car runs due to friction. Oil serves as a lubrican to reduce friction that causes heat. Of course, you don't want your car to overheat.

So, how often should you change your oil? Actually, the answer varies depending on how often you use your car and depending on the environmental conditions. The more you use your car, the often you need to change your oil. Take a look at those taxi operators for example. Taxis need to be changed oil several times a year compared to a normal private car. In addition to this, those people who live in countries that experience winter needs to change oil more often compared to those who live in tropial countries. This is because oil tends to reduce its quality when prolonged to a very cold place.

We have different types of oil. These are mineral oil, synthetic oil and semi-synthetic oil. Among the three, mineral oil is the most affordable. However, unlike the synthetic oil, it burns faster so you need to change it more frequent than when you use a synthetic oil. On the other hand, semi-synthetic oil is a combination of mineral and synthetic oil. It's affordable than fully synthetic oil, but tends to lasts more compared to mineral oil. Both mineral and semi-synthetic oils costs less compared to fully synthetic oil, however it's adviseble to use synthetic oil to older vehicles, since the engine of those tend to be more vulnerable compared to newer vehicles because of its age.

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